medit GmbH dedicates itself since the establishment in the year 1993 directed to the development and the selling of products for the arthroskopische surgery.

The company headquarters in the industrial area Augsburg Munich enables both a close co-operation with that predominantly German manufacturers and suppliers on the one hand, and an intensive co-operation with renomierten ambulatory OI centers on the other hand.

In this manner it can be ensured that both the high requirement profiles are fulfilled regarding quality and modern OI technique, and to the risen cost sensitivity of the health service is corresponded.

medit GmbH offers therefore in particular to the ambulatory operating surgeon/orthopedist a product spectrum, which is characterised by high reliability and practicability, and this at amazingly a favourable price. Also the trade with articles of industry-well-known labels is characterised by an extremely attractive cost structure.

Unusually a variety of the segments repair and maintenance of instruments, cameras and rigid optics offers beyond that the possibility of qualified preservation of value of the medicine-technical configuration to the user.

Target medit GmbH is the ambulatory operating physician an attractive possibility of the procurement of system and expendables material of the most renowned manufacturers to be offered and by a service variety an uncomplicated global service pallet to be enabled