Repair service

Cameras, optics, light lichtleitkabel and instruments of all manufacturers

medit GmbH
offers at present the most global repair service within the area of the Arthroskopie and amb.Chirurgie. Almost all usual labels can be qualified with medit, repaired fast and low-priced.

For cameras and optics we submit generally first a cost estimate with specification of the damage, rep. expenditure and duration to you.

In this way you can the causes of the damage limit and avoid, with what substantially the costs and failures are reduced!

A repair should not be worthwhile itself once any longer, due to the damage
medit to you for the defective section a Inzahlungnahme offers on.

Stare and flexible optics are repaired.
We differentiate between 3 service versions:

1.Konventioneller service
In order to offer to you as cost-fair, transparent a regulation as possible, we differentiate between 10 main levels:
Example: Arthroskop 4,0mm

Rep. level Performance
1 cleaning, fiber optics glue on, polish, function test
2 like 1 + disassembly, diopters again-adjust
3 like 2 + back-up negative/window, vacuum lock, QA
4 like 3 + max. 2 staff lenses
5 like 2 + new objective
6 like 5 + 1 staff lens
7 like 5 + 2 staff lenses
8 like 5 + 3 staff lenses
9 like 5 + 4 staff lenses / or Selfoc
10 like 9 + new mechanics + fiber optics

Repair duration after release: approx. 2 weeks


Particularly interesting, if back-up is urgently needed!
A prerequisite a rep. optics of the same type with same degree of wear is at stocks. First we need your defective optics for the estimation of the costs.

Duration after placing of order: approx. 4 days

3. New optics - exchange

Insertable or auto+pianoable optics of all manufacturers are exchanged, independently of it whether these are functional or not.
After being present your old optics we offer to you one medit optics, autoclavable, suitably your instruments on.

Please you transmit your optics in the own interest always well packed and against admission proof (package banknote or copy of the express delivery service).


After receipt of your defective camera we indicate the prospective damage to you. More than 80%, the camera damage are to be due to cable defects. In these cases we offer an exchange to you against ours
Special cable on, which projects over 2 million-bending radii without damage. Couches of defects in opt. or electrical area forwards, the accurate error diagnosis can be connected with costs. These became of us first mitge

As is the case for the optics, we will offer also a Inzahlungnahme to you, if a rep. does not appear worthwhile.
One verbindl. Rep. duration depends here very strongly on the kind of damage, since we are dependent on external spare parts supplies gegeb.falls.


Cold light cables are subject to a wear by temperature and sterile procedure. Darken marks in the fiber bundle, if an end is held against the light, tells you broken or useless optical fibers.
The wear is particularly high with sources of light with high wattage or high light temperature.
We exchange you these light lichtleitkabel for new cables with same links.

Smaller defects e.g. at the ports etc. are repaired naturally non-standard after expenditure.


With qualified maintenance and servicing you increase the life span of your instruments substantially. Operation tracing and factory shut-down are for this ideally suitable. We repair and sharpen your instruments non-standard after expenditure.
**time-out** please you consider, that instrument not arbitrarily often polished become can, since here material clear away, and the the clearance the of the cut section itself become larger. Also with worn out instruments we offer a Inzahlungnahme to you.

With all defective sections to be endeavored medit always to find the solution most meaningful most economical for it and. Since this requires frequently the tuning, we ask you to designate us with transmissions if possible a partner and when this is best attainable.

All prices mentioned are zzgl.Mwst., freight and packing.
Terms of payment: 30 days net

All transmissions arrange you please:

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Repair service
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